My name is Julia. I am a lover of words, design, images, and people. I don’t fit into one category. My skills and contributions can’t be summed up in one degree or one snap-shot moment. My skills, rather, can be picked from a plethora of courses and valuable teachings. They can be scooped up from here and there, and from then and way back then.

I am a photographer and a writer. I am an analyst, as well an investigator. I am a fanatic of psychology and a sometimes-philosopher. Whatever hat you want to put on me, I am always passionate about brands and the way they can be shaped and individualized for an audience and each person within that audience.

I have experience with both technical and creative writing. I have written how-to manuals for the IT department of a large business, and I have written a short novel about a girl who is trying to discover herself. I’ve written poetry and done close analytical research to discover exactly why American-made movies tend to portray the American University system as one big frat party.

I’ve written blog posts and then the next day I’ve written a press release. I know how to produce a strong social media post and understand the in’s and out’s of a Tweet that can really pack a punch.

I’ve done my share of landscape photography, as well as portraits of beautiful people. I’ve taken photos of sports in-action and of basic objects. I have had my photography published in newspapers and on websites. My photos have gone with stories, as well as Facebook and Instagram pages.

Above all, I’ve created and I want to continue to create. I understand the intricate process that comes with developing a strong brand that is unique and one-of-a-kind. I know the research and work that goes into achieving this and I’m eager to improve and progress.

Ask me how I can contribute to your team.